Voogle - Redefine Volunteering

Enabling Volunteers donate their skills and time in return for monetary donations to their selected charity

Check out the Video, to see how we aim to redefine Volunteering, raising $1billion annually for worthy causes.

Volunteering for Donations

When a Voogler (Volunteer) raises money for a charity, they are registered for, through doing a job, organising an event, sponsorship or collection, the Client(Donor) donates directly to the charity

Imagine what it would feel like if you could do a favour for someone, and they made a donation to your favourite charity in return.

Imagine if it was easy to do this, no paper work, no cash changing hands and yet it was all completely transparent. So in effect a good deed, has three beneficiaries – the Client, the Charity and the volunteer!

voogle examples

How Does It Work?

Once the Voogler and Client/Donor have agreed on a job and donation and the job is completed, the Voogler will enable the donor donate seamlessly.

Our initial MVP (minimum Viable Product) will enable the Voogler’s app Generate a Unique QR Code. This is in effect an invoice for the donor. The Donor would scan the QR code, which would enable a Paypal or Stripe donation directly to the charity.

This QR code would include the following.

  • Charity payment details
  • Voogler-ID
  • Donation amount
  • Job-code

All payments would be encrypted and follow Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations

Inspired by a Counselling Charity.

The Model comes from a counselling charity in Bray, Ireland, where we have about 100 volunteer counsellors who provide low cost counselling to the unemployed and low-waged, who then donate what they can afford – the rest of the funds come from grants and other financial supports which funds the clinical and admin staff.

Looking at the examples illustrated, we can see how Jim and Mary show their appreciation of Mark’s good deeds by Donating money to Cancer research – each example something in common – someone using their skills and time to benefit another party who in turn helps fund a charity – who can then help more people – a Virtuous cycle

How You Can Get Involved


Volunteer Coders wanted!

To build this global project. No pay, < 0.004% chance of success! Honour, recognition and possible job, when we realise our dream to raise $1billion for charity.

Living Life Counselling

Living Life Counselling

A registered charity that provides professional and affordable counselling services for people who are unemployed, in receipt of social welfare benefits or on a low income.

Does your charity need funds?

If you are a registered charity and looking for a new way to raise funds, contact us to express your interest.