This model is currently in place in our charity “Living Life Counselling”.

All our counsellors are Volunteers, and our clients are low-waged or unemployed. At the end of each session, the clients make donations to the charity, based on what they can afford. The remainder of the charities running costs are met through grants and fund raising.

While considering new ideas for fundraising, it came to us to extend this model outside of “counselling Volunteers”, to ordinary folk who wanted to help raise money for the charity, so we could continue our services in these unprecedented times.

I have access to a huge pool of volunteers who will pilot this.

  • Impact

We have used here a known metric – Facebook users – and I am making the assumption that users of Social media platform would be a perfect match to this phenomenon which could spread virally 

We believe that the numbers are very conservative, as it does not take into account the massive amounts corporations could raise through this type of initiative.

So on a conservative basis, Ireland could raise $15m while $15bn could be raised globally each year.

  • Coders

We are solving the dilemma of how to do this in a safe, transparent and ethical manner with full traceability, data compliance and governance led us towards the technology route.

There I got stuck, while I fully understand what Technology can do, neither I nor any of the others have the technical skills to write the code to enable this. 

While I have some coding skills, I really need assistance with coding – thus the 1st set of Vooglers would be born, who will volunteer their coding skills and time to enable this dream become reality 

We are looking for volunteer coders who have skills in the following areas

  • Android Development
  • iOS development
  • Java
    • Website Development
    • Database development
  • Payments
  • UX design

We intend to make the code open source, so that anyone can benefit from this.

If you would like to Volunteer your skills and programming expertise, please use the Contact form below.