Voogle Do – How do Volunteers raise money for their selected charities?

The Volunteers are known as Vooglers. To become a Voogler you must be an individual or team member, who is registered to a charity. Vooglers or Voogle teams can create a profile, which can be shared on social media, to show how much they have raised. In addition team members can compete with each other, using gamification.

Each Voogler will have a unique Voogle-ID, which will identify them within the system and to charities.

  • Voogler Registration

Vooglers can take on many forms, from individuals who just want to support a charity, to teams who can raise money through group efforts or collections. Event managers can register events on behalf of the charity.

  • Voogler registration
    • Individual – an individual can register on behalf of the charity & create a skills/jobs profile
    • Team member – can register as part of a team 
  • Voogle Team
    • A Head Voogler can set up a team and invite Registered Vooglers be part of the team
    • Vooglers who are part of a team, will have the team ID appended to the Voogle-ID
  • Voogle Event

The main difference between a Voogle event and a Voogle Team, is that people taking part in an event, such as Race-night, Bingo drive or Casino night do not have to be registered Vooglers. The Voogle event organiser will collect funds as normal, and can then pass them directly to the charity

  • Voogle Sponsorship

An individual or team can use Voogle to obtain sponsorship for an external event, such as a marathon. The sponsors can then pledge a donation to the Voogler, who upon completing the event, sends a completion message to the sponsors, who then automatically send their donations directly to the charity being supported.

  • Voogle Collection

This is different to the pure team event, where the members are purely collecting on behalf of a charity. Each collector would have a unique QR code, which the donors could scan, to enable direct payment of the donation to the charity being supported.

In the case where cash is offered, the Voogler will record the cash collected through their app and show this to the donor. The head Voogler will then reconcile all cash collected and pass this to the Charity in the same manner as is done in a Voogle event.